Aims and Objectives

Niaz foundation is a registered charity established in order to provide free education to children with special needs. It aims to provide purpose built buildings and a school system which will be easily accessible to those families who cannot afford to put their children in a special school.

Niaz Foundation is suituated in niaz-a-bad near Rawat-Kalur which is situated in the Rawat district of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is a diverse community enriched by its many faiths including Islam, Christianity and Sikhism. The majority of the population falls within the low income bracket... Read More

Niaz Foundation school For Special Need Children is predominantly an English Medium school where the utmost importance will be given on subjects such as English, Maths and Science. Children are also taught Social Studies where they learn key social skills that will aid ... Read More

Niaz Foundation school is a UK registered charity organization. Being a registered charity, Niaz Foundation is utterly transparent in its financial transcations. This ensures donar satisfaction as to the proper utilization of their funds. The transcation details are accessible here: Read More